Winter Itinerary: Find out what to do in Ireland during the cold months!

Ireland is called the Emerald Isle for its natural beauty. But those who believe that it is only beautiful in the warmer seasons of the year are wrong.

Winter is also a time when you can explore the country, getting to know several sights that are really enchanting.

One of the positive points of travelling during this time of the year is that prices are usually lower and you can enjoy a lot of cool things to do.

In this article we’ve separated a short winter itinerary for you to visit amazing places in the country. Check it out!


This is a very popular tourist destination in the summer, but it also has its charms during winter. One of the advantages is that Dingle is a quieter and cosier place, and offers you the possibility to interact with the local culture much more deeply.

The city is known for its beautiful mountains and valleys, and is even washed by the Atlantic Ocean. In the streets you will find pubs and restaurants very cosy. It is a worthwhile trip.


This is a culturally rich region in the northwest of Ireland. Donegal is a real hub of music, poetry and cultural activities.

For those who enjoy practising outdoor sports and interact with nature, this is an excellent alternative for a walk in winter.

The city also has the Glenveagh National Park which is the second largest in the country and has about 170 square kilometres. It is worth mentioning that the park is home to Glenveagh Castle which was built between 1867 and 1873.


This small and pleasant town is located in the west of Ireland and has stunning landscapes and a beautiful historic centre designed in 1780.

Its atmosphere is very cheerful and welcoming, and there are shops with multi-coloured facades as well as a number of lovely pubs, cafes and restaurants.

Winter is certainly not as cheerful as summer, but you will thoroughly enjoy the beautiful scenery that the small town in the west of the country has.

Ring of Kerry

To complete the tour you have to know the south of Ireland that is considered one of the most beautiful regions of the Emerald Isle.

This is an excellent suggestion to do by car. The Ring of Kerry has approximately 200 km until you arrive in Killarney.

Along the way you will come across beautiful castles, small villages, mountains, rivers and lots of sheep. You will be enchanted, that’s for sure.

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