Why do digital nomads like to live in hostels?

With the arrival of technology, many professionals now have the life of their dreams: working from wherever they want, just by using a computer.

These professionals have spread around the world and today they are known as digital nomads. They live travelling and working at the same time.

As their name suggests, nomads are non-stop. And they are always travelling to meet new people and cultures.

But why do digital nomads like living in hostels so much?

The truth is that this is a welcoming environment that provides them with everything they look for when travelling. See below the main reasons.

1 – Hostel costs are lower than hotels

As digital nomads are always travelling, they need to create a more economical standard of living. This means that they don’t spend the same as a tourist on holiday.

This is why they choose to stay in a hostel. Because, even though it offers all the infrastructure, the cost is much lower when compared to a hotel.

In the end it makes a big difference in the budget, and allows them to continue their journey to see the world.

2 – The environment is very cheerful and welcoming

Most digital nomads live alone. They don’t have their families and friends around. That’s why it’s common to feel lonely sometimes.

However, when staying in a hostel the moments of loneliness are smaller. After all, there they meet people from all over the world to talk and exchange experiences.

Besides, the hostels have a characteristic environment of the place, which makes them immerse themselves even more in the culture of the place.

3 – The hostel offers the necessary work structure

Most hostels have common areas equipped with wi-fi and even computers in some cases.

This helps digital nomads a lot. They need a fast internet connection to be able to work during the day. In some cases even the chairs and tables are designed with the ergonomics of the professional in mind to provide more comfort when working.

4 – Not to be stuck in one place only

Another factor that makes nomads choose a hostel is that the payment is made per day. That is why they do not get stuck for a long time in one place.

If they rented a flat or house, they would have to comply with the rental contract and it would be much more difficult to leave whenever they wanted to.

Living in a hostel, they can travel more freely around the world, meet new cultures, new people and broaden their range of knowledge.

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