What to do in Ireland during autumn?

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Autumn is a simply enchanting season in the northern hemisphere. It starts in September and lasts until the end of December. But the most characteristic month of the season is undoubtedly October.

And if you think that Dublin lacks options at this time of year, you are very wrong. Ireland has many great things to do for those who travel there at this time of year. Want to know what to do in autumn besides enjoying the changing colours of the leaves? Check it out!

1 – Celebrate Halloween in Ireland

October is known as the month of halloween. And if you’re in Dublin in this month, you’ll have a unique experience, after all, you’re in the land of Dracula.

Just to give you an idea, it was in Dublin over 100 years ago that Bram Stoker brought to life the terrible vampire who has terrorised generations.

So you’ll have an incredibly spooky experience as before the night of the 31st there are even 4 days of Bram Stoker Festival with concerts, themed parades, castle tours and lots of cool stuff.

2 – Theatre Festival

Another cultural festival that exists in Dublin and happens in the Irish autumn is the Theatre Festival. During the days when the festival takes place, you will be able to watch numerous plays.

In addition, at this time of year there are also various exhibitions and cultural activities that take place on account of the festival. So this is your chance to see plays, dance, music and have fun in the city.

Remember that the festival covers numerous activities, each of which has its own prices and characteristics.

3 – Visit the museums in Dublin

As autumn is not a peak season month in the city, this is an excellent time to visit the main museums without too much hustle and bustle.

Among the must-see attractions are the National Gallery, the National Museum of Archaeology and several others. Remember that these two attractions are totally free.

4 – Enjoy the autumn scenes in Dublin

Dublin is a beautiful city by nature. That’s why you can’t miss its surroundings. In less than two hours on the road you find many natural wonders.

One of them are the Cliffs of Moher and the other are the charming villages like Galway. Although these are places to visit all year round, in autumn they get even more special.

These two tours usually last all day, and if you want, you can hire a guide to explain in depth about these places.

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