Tips on saving money to move to Ireland

Do you dream of going on an exchange to Ireland? Although it may seem difficult, you can plan and start saving money to live in Ireland. It all depends on your discipline and the ability you have to pursue what you believe. In this article we will give you 4 tips to start chasing your dreams today. Check them out!

1 – Set a deadline to change

The first step you need to take is to set a deadline to move to Ireland. One year? Two years? Ideally, you should choose something realistic to be able to stick to.

For example, from the moment you become aware of the total cost of the exchange, how long do you think you will be able to have that money? Determining this deadline is essential to meet the goal. Otherwise, you will always end up procrastinating your dream and will not be able to accomplish it.

2 – See how much you need to save during the month

Once you have determined the deadline for reaching your goal, you need to save money to achieve it. Let’s give an example to make it even easier to learn.

If the exchange costs 12 thousand dollars, and you intend to move in two years, then you will have to save 500 dollars every month to achieve your dream.

With this goal in mind you have to evaluate if there is room in your budget to save that amount. If not, you’ll have to extend the deadline or look for extra sources of income.

3 – Cut all unnecessary expenses from the budget

To make our dreams come true, we often need to make sacrifices. And living abroad would be no different. 

Therefore, even if your income seems short to save the monthly amount, see what you can cut in your budget. Reduce your rent expenses, stop eating out and save as much as you can.

This small effort is necessary for you to reach your goal within the stipulated period and realize once and for all the dream of living abroad.

4 – Payment in installments

Nowadays there are many exchange agencies that allow payment in installments. This is another interesting way to make your dream come true.

However, you need to be careful because in many cases there is the incidence of interest on the financing. So you need to calculate accurately to see if the installment fits in your pocket.

The best way is to save the value. So, besides not paying interest, you still earn interest on the money that is invested in an asset.

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