The Portal Connecting Dublin to New York: An Experience Beyond Borders with Leevin Hostel

Have you ever imagined being able to cross continents in a matter of seconds? Well, that visionary idea has now become a reality with the arrival of the Portal in Dublin. This masterpiece of technology and art promises to connect the bustling Irish capital to the iconic New York City, offering an experience beyond physical borders.

**The Portal: A Window to the World**

Strategically located on O’Connell Street, near famous landmarks such as the GPO and the Spire, the Portal is a revolutionary sculpture conceived by renowned artist and entrepreneur Benediktas Gylys. Using cutting-edge technology, this unique creation allows for an instant visual connection between Dublin and New York, transcending the thousands of kilometers that separate the two cities.

In addition to serving as a bridge between distant cultures and geographies, the Portal also offers a variety of events and cultural performances that allow viewers in one city to enjoy activities held in the other. Since its inauguration, the Portal has attracted the attention of curious onlookers and enthusiasts, remaining on display until the fall.

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