Myths about living abroad that you’ve always been told

How many times in our lives have we heard myths about the exchange program that discourage us from fulfilling our dreams?

There are as many as possible, so you need to be very careful to know what is true and what is not. In this article we have separated the 4 main myths about the exchange that are often told. Check them out!


1 – The exchange is for young people

If there is a fallacy often told around, it is that the exchange is made for young people. This is not true. People of all ages can do it.

There are work and study opportunities for people of all ages. Maturity itself is a very important factor when living in another country. So if you dream of going on an exchange, but believe you are too old for it, you are mistaken. The dream can come true.


2 – To go abroad you need to speak fluent English

One of the main goals of going on an exchange program is to develop knowledge of a foreign language. So no matter your level of English, you will always find possibilities during this experience.


3 – The only thing you will learn on an exchange is another language

Understand that an exchange is an experience that brings much more than just knowledge in a new language.

You’ll learn a lot, like the ability to cope in an adverse situation, the ability to take initiative when faced with a problem, and even self-confidence in making decisions.

These are some behavioral skills that companies value highly, and that you will certainly learn by living in another country for a while.


4 – A foreign exchange is a lonely experience

Finally, one last big myth you’ve been told about being an exchange student is that it’s a lonely experience. Even if you go abroad alone, it doesn’t mean that you will live alone there.

Because there are many people who have also gone on their own in search of a dream, and they are open to make new friends. Therefore, at no point will you have a lonely experience.

Even more if you choose to stay in a hostel that has people arriving all the time from the four corners of the world and wanting to make many friends.

And in Dublin one of the best hostels to stay at in the city is Leevin. We have accommodation ranging from private to shared rooms. Don’t miss out!

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