How to travel sustainably?

Travelling to Ireland as a student or tourist is the dream of many people. But above any dream is the concern with the environment nowadays. In view of this, more and more people are talking about sustainable travel.

This is a way to get to know other places, new cultures and still collaborate with the planet. And a practical way to have a sustainable trip is looking for a hostel to stay.

Another interesting way is to prioritize public transport in the country of origin. Want to know more? Then check out the tips we have separated below.

1 – Find a sustainable hostel

Dublin in Ireland has several hostels. They are a safe and economical type of accommodation. When compared to other types of accommodation, you save money.

The daily rate depends on many factors such as the number of beds and the style of the hostel itself. In Dublin you can choose from   among others.

Because it is a collective environment, there are less carbon emissions into the atmosphere, and this contributes to the sustainability of the planet.

2 – Hire a bike for short trips

Another interesting tip for a sustainable trip is renting a bike for short trips. In Ireland, for example, there are several companies that rent bicycles.

This is a way for you to exercise, do well for your health and at the same time reduce your carbon footprint in the atmosphere.

Besides that, renting a bike to visit Dublin, you will pass through places that you wouldn’t know only by car and bus.

3 – Carry a water bottle and a reusable cup

Another tip for you to make a sustainable trip to Dublin in Ireland is to walk with a reusable bottle instead of using plastic bottles and PET bottles.

This is one way of generating less waste for the planet. And all products that are reusable are much more sustainable than a recyclable product.

4 – Eat in vegan restaurants

Eating meat is not bad for our health. But too much of it takes a huge toll on the environment. Have you ever thought if all the inhabitants of the planet ate too much meat?

A great environmental devastation would be necessary to create pastureland for cattle. It is more than proven that the meat industry is one of the most harmful to the environment in the world.

We are not saying that you have to become a vegan. But cutting down on meat consumption and eating at vegetarian restaurants is one way to make a more sustainable trip.

5 – Use public transportation for long trips

If for short trips the ideal is to use the bicycle, for long trips opt for public transportation instead of individual transportation.

This is also a very interesting way to make your trip to Dublin, Ireland, even better. And, of course, remember to choose a hostel closer to everything.

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