How to apply for a Stamp 2 visa to live in Ireland?

Do you want to go on an exchange to Ireland? Then pay attention to the documentation to get your visa in the country.

The most common for students is the Stamp 2, and it allows you to study and work part-time in Ireland. And during holidays it is possible to work full time.

In this article we will show you a little bit more in depth how the Stamp 2 visa works and how to apply for it to spend some time in the country. Check it out!

How does the student visa for Ireland work?

Ireland has some particularities in terms of visas. When you are going to stay only 90 days in the country, there is no need to apply for it.

However, if the idea is to study and live longer in the country, you have to choose one of the visas granted by the country’s immigration service.

The most sought after of all is the Stamp 2 which is issued to those who will attend regular classes in Ireland and intend to work up to 20 hours per week.

During the holiday periods in June and September and between 15 December and 15 January you can work full-time in Ireland. This is all if you enrol on a course of at least 25 weeks.

How long is the Stamp 2 visa valid for?

The stamp 2 visa is valid for 8 months and can be renewed up to two times, that is, you can live in Ireland for up to two years with it.

It is worth highlighting, however, that with it you will not have access to some services that are offered by the government such as unemployment insurance and free healthcare.

And as soon as you arrive in Ireland you will have a period to provide all the necessary documentation for the visa.

What are these required documents?

Among the documents required for the Stamp 2 visa are the letter from the school with a course load of at least 15 hours per week.

Besides that, it is necessary to have a government or private company insurance established in the country. Present the payment receipt for the course and the bank statement proving that you have up to 3 thousand euros in an Irish account or bank.

Apart from that, you still have to present a proof of address, proof that the school has learner protection and make the payment of 300 euros for the registration of the Irish residence permit.

It is worth saying that the visa booking is done online, and on the day and time scheduled, you just have to go to immigration and present the documents.

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