How does sending money to Ireland work? Find out!

Sending money to Ireland can be done in a number of ways. Some are more expensive, while others are cheaper.

With technological advances it has become easier to send money abroad. There are even alternatives where the amount is already available in the destination account the same day.

In this article we will show you 4 practical ways to send money to Ireland easily. Check it out!

1 – Traditional banks and digital banks

A simple way to send money out of your home country is through traditional and digital banks.

However, you must find out what your bank’s requirements are for this. For, the institution will ask for some identification documents to validate the operation.

Transfer fees are charged as well as taxes. Everything needs to be evaluated before the transfer. Between countries of the Euro zone there are no costs in international transfers.

2 – Paypal

Another way to transfer money to Ireland is through Paypal. In this case the transfer time is only 3 days, but the costs are reasonably high.

Usually to transfer money using Paypal you need to register an international credit card or prepaid card on the platform.

The fee charged by PayPal is 6.4% of the transaction value. Depending on the country, this rate may be fixed. It is worth noting that taxes are also charged for the transfer.

However, these taxes vary from country to country. In some cases they may be higher or lower depending on local legislation.

3 – Transferwise

Transferwise is a well-known platform that allows you to transfer money abroad in a few days.

One of the positive points is that you can send and receive money to over 140 countries in more than 50 different currencies. The rate charged depends on the amount transferred, receipt and payment method.

4 – Online Remittance

Online Remittance is another way to send money to Ireland. It is present in countries like Brazil, and usually has a much lower cost than the other options.

In this case the rates are regressive, and can be zeroed according to the value of the transfer. The value of the tax varies according to each country.

In general, each country has some sites that support international transfers. Therefore, it is important to find out which are the cheapest and most practical within your own country.

The international credit card is also a good alternative for those who want to shop abroad and do not intend to take a lot of money on the trip.

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