Holidays in Ireland to Enjoy in 2024! 

Holidays in Ireland are special moments to celebrate and relax. Throughout the year, the country boasts at least ten “bank holidays,” which can be enjoyed on specific days or extended into a Monday. 

**Saint Patrick’s Day** 

Saint Patrick’s Day on March 17th honors Saint Patrick, credited with spreading Christianity in Ireland. In 2024, although falling on a Sunday, the holiday extends to Monday, providing an extra day of festivities. The original goal was to transform the event into an international festival, promoting pride in Irish culture, and today, it is celebrated with enthusiasm both domestically and abroad. 


Easter in Ireland, starting in Lent and concluding with family gatherings featuring dances and traditional dishes, includes a “bank holiday” on the Monday after Easter Sunday. In 2024, this significant holiday falls on April 1st. Irish people celebrate Easter as a time of rebirth, accompanied by chocolates. Interestingly, they also remember the Easter Rising, a revolution that eventually contributed to Ireland’s independence. 

**Bank Holiday — May Day

The first Monday in May is dedicated to workers and the Celtic Festival of Early Spring, with events across the country, including typical foods, dances, and parades. Simultaneously, the Bealtaine Celtic festival is celebrated, featuring various cultural activities throughout May. In 2024, this holiday is set for May 6th. 


Celebrated on the last Monday of October, Halloween is a festive holiday with roots dating back over a thousand years in Ireland. Originating from the Celts, the festival includes costumes, bonfires, and weekend-long celebrations. In 2024, the date is October 28th. 

**Saint Stephen’s Day**

Celebrated on December 26th, Saint Stephen’s Day is dedicated to Saint Stephen. Most public services and establishments are closed on this day, but stores kick off Christmas promotions from then on. Unlike other holidays, this one does not fall on a Monday. 

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