Have you ever heard of the Pub Crawl challenge in Ireland?

Ireland has many customs and traditions, and at the end of the year one that is very well known is the so-called Pub Crawl, or the challenge of the 12 Christmas pubs.

It’s not news to anyone that the Irish love beer, but on this day the challenge is a bit exaggerated, but at the same time very fun.

Want to know how this challenge works?

Then join us for this article to find out about the Pub Crawl, the challenge that has become popular over the last 15 years in Ireland.

How does Pub Crawl work?

Pub Crawl is a challenge where you have to visit 12 pubs on the same night and have a pint in each one. But you don’t just go from pub to pub.

You have to get into the Christmas rhythm and take out of your wardrobe your famous Christmas Jumpers. If you want to get even more into the mood you can put ornaments and even costumes.

Once your costume is complete, you can start playing. You can have a pint in each pub or any other drink. On the way there are games between the participants.

Each group chooses its own rules and this makes the night very pleasant, fun and very challenging. It is well worth participating.

What are the most common rules?

The most common rule that all groups adopt is that you cannot drink with your right hand in the first pub. It is a real challenge to remember this.

Another norm that is also adopted is not pointing at anyone in the second, not talking to acquaintances in the third, not using the toilet in the fourth bar and so on.

These are just a few examples. The truth is that creativity is increasingly present when it comes to defining the rules of the groups.

But what is the penalty if someone breaks any of these rules? Well, the penalty in this case is to drink even more. Difficult, isn’t it?

Be careful when participating in Pub Crawl

Although fun, the game is not very healthy, after all, to drink 12 pints in the same night is to abuse a little more than most people can.

So, if you’re up for the challenge the ideal is to have a good meal before you leave home to keep yourself well hydrated. Remember to accompany your drinks with glasses of water.

Another thing, never drive to the challenge. Use a taxi or public transport on this day, and keep in mind that you don’t have to drink 12 pints. Because, despite the rules, what counts is fun and games.

So, if you see that you are reaching your body’s limit, stop. There’s no harm in saying you can’t handle it. Not so long ago it was only experienced people who took part in the challenge. Now it’s up to you.

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