Find out how to get your Leap Card and take advantage of discounts!

Did you know that in Dublin you can get discounts on public transport? All you need is a Leap Card.

It is a card that can be loaded easily, and with it you can reduce fares on the Dublin Bus, DART and Luas (train services available in the city).

There is also an exclusive version for students that offers discounts in shops and restaurants, as well, of course, public transport. Want to know more? Come with us.

What is the Leap Card?

The Leap Card is a card used by people in Ireland to travel by bus or train. It is very simple to use, you just need to tap in the reader before starting your trip through the city.

In the Dublin Bus, for journeys with destinations less than 13 stops, the amount charged is lower, so you have to tell the driver before swiping the card.

If the destination is more than 13 stops just swipe the card normally. On train journeys, the reading is done before and after.

It is worth mentioning that it works as a prepaid card, that is, you have to charge it first to use it on public transport afterwards.

Where can I recharge the card?

Leap Card recharging can be done at various partner shops as Spars, Centras etc., or even on the Leap Card Top-Up app which is available for both android and iOS systems.

You just have to access the device and scan the card from your mobile phone to start using it. And any student enrolled on a course in Ireland with 16 hours per week can apply for it.

The application process is done online or at an agent available in Ireland, and the cost is 10 euros (5 of the card and 5 is available to travel).

What documents are required to apply for a Leap Card?

To apply for a Leap Card you will need to present proof of your identity and student status, which can be a card, a letter or even an email from your school.

This is a very good option for those who are going to live in the country, as it speeds up your life abroad. After all, you guarantee discounts not only in transportation but also in restaurants, including McDonald’s.

So, if you are going to spend some time in Dublin, one of the first things you need to do is to get your Leap Card.

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