Oscar 2024 and Leevin Hostel: A Starry Night in Dublin

The countdown to the Oscar 2024 is in full swing! This year, it will take place on Sunday, March 10th, and Ireland has special reasons to embrace the festive spirit. The Irish highlight of the night is Cillian Murphy, who receives his first nomination as Best Actor for his impactful role in “Oppenheimer”.

**”Poor Things” and the Irish Cinematic Scene in Focus**

“Poor Things”, nominated for Best Film, adds even more brilliance to the Irish cinematic scene, produced by Element Pictures in Dublin. As Cillian Murphy faces strong competitors, Ireland celebrates not only the talent but also the culture unfolding on the big screen.

**Exploring Dublin: History, Culture, and Charm**

While exploring the streets of Dublin, immerse yourself in the history and culture intertwined at every corner. Seize the opportunity to become part of the narrative, where Ireland and Leevin Hostel merge, creating unique and memorable moments.

**Eager to Explore Ireland? Stay at Leevin Hostel**

If the magic of Oscar 2024 and the vibrancy of Dublin have piqued your curiosity, there’s no better place to stay than Leevin Hostel. Step into the unique atmosphere of Ireland, where every street tells a story, and every moment becomes a scene worthy of a film.

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