5 websites to find a job in Dublin

Finding a job in Dublin is not a difficult task, there are plenty of alternatives. The big question that many people have is: where to start?

In this sense, it is worth saying that there are some job websites in the country that help foreigners to get a good job in Ireland. The vacancies range from the most qualified to those that do not require much in terms of education and fluent English. Below we have separated the 5 websites for you to find a job vacancy in Ireland.


Neuvoo is a job site known all over the world. It is available in more than 70 countries. When searching for a job through it, you can filter your search by area, company, skills and even find the desired country.

It is quite easy to use the site, because it is very intuitive, and you will find jobs that are close to the ones you are looking for.

Monster Jobs

A site that helps a lot to get a job in Ireland and that is also known worldwide is Monster Jobs. You can access it, try to identify the best options available in the country, and then send your CV to the companies that are hiring.

Recruit Ireland

Recruit Ireland is one of the best known job sites in the country. One of the cool things is that when you log in you can categorise your search by city, profession and job title.

An interesting point is that you get tips on how to write your CV, and you can also easily get in touch with the agencies which are advertising vacancies.


Another employment site well known in Ireland is IrishJobs, which is considered one of the largest in the country. There you will find many registered job vacancies, and you can attach your CV in English.

In addition, you can review company reviews in Ireland, search jobs by category and get advice on how to get a good job in Europe.

SEDA Jobs Club

Finally, to finish our tips, we couldn’t leave out the SEDA Jobs Club which was recently launched in Ireland. Its mission is to help thousands of people to get a job in the country and the registration process is very easy.

You can attach your CV and access hundreds of jobs available in Dublin. All in a very simple way, without any bureaucracy. See how easy it is to find a job in Ireland? After all, many websites help you in this endeavour. 

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