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5 tips to save money during your exchange program

To realise the dream of an exchange program, it is essential to save money, especially in the first months that you are in the country. The best way to do this is to lead a more regulated life, avoiding abuses so you can have a more balanced budget.

Want to know how to save money on your exchange? Then check out these 5 tips that we have separated for you in this article.

1 – Avoid eating out

If you want to save money on your exchange, the first thing you need to do is to stop eating out. This is a real budget villain.

If you can, prioritise eating in. Make your own food instead of buying ready-made meals. Although it is more laborious, you will make a big saving this way.

2 – Mark everything you spend

To save money you need to have control of your budget. Therefore, it is essential to mark absolutely everything you spend so you don’t get lost with your bills.

Take notes of all inputs and outputs so you can identify expenses that seem totally harmless and that actually eat up your money.

A practical way to do this is through budget control apps that are already available for PC and smartphones.

3 – Avoid going to pubs too often

Constantly going out to pubs is another way to spend a lot of money. So that seemingly harmless little outing is important to avoid.

Of course it is essential to have a moment of leisure in life, because nobody is ironclad. However, what you can’t do is go out constantly, because in the end it will make a big difference.

The ideal is that you determine a day in the week to go out. This way you can have fun and at the same time not compromise your budget so much.

4 – Use Leap Card discounts

Look out for Leap Card discounts to save money in Ireland. This is not only for bus and train tickets but also for various restaurants and shops.

By using the discounts, you will save a lot at the end of the month. A little here and a little there can make a big difference to your budget.

5 – Stay in a hostel

Finally, our last tip is: stay in a hostel during your exchange. This will save you money too.

Staying in a hostel is much cheaper than a hotel. And in the accommodation crisis Ireland has been going through, this is a way to spend a lot less money on accommodation.

If you still don’t know where to stay, check out Leevin Hostel. We have the best accommodation for you in Ireland.

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