5 Irish films produced in the last decade. Check them out!

Irish cinema has been on the rise in recent years. From a decade to now, many films have won the taste of viewers around the world.

Some of them have been nominated for Oscars in various categories. And there’s something for everyone’s taste. Films range from the police genre to comedy.

Some productions tell the real story of Ireland, while others, through fiction, provide an engaging plot from beginning to end.

Want to know which are the main Irish productions in the last decade?

Then come with us in this post, and good reading!

1 – The Guard

In this movie, an Irish policeman with a confrontational personality teams up with an FBI agent to investigate an international drug mafia.

During the plot, which has plenty of action scenes, the cops investigate clues until they get to the people behind the trafficking. The film is quite gripping and will keep your attention from beginning to end.

2 – Grabbers

This is a sci-fi film in which an island off the coast of Ireland is invaded by bloodsucking aliens, threatening the entire population.

However, the heroes discover that the only way to survive the attack is by ingesting a large quantity of alcoholic beverages.

The film is very interesting as it mixes the landscapes of the country with science fiction scenes and moments of comedy. It is worth watching.

3 – What Richard Did

This is the story of Richard Karlsen, a gold medal athlete and alpha-male from his privileged group of friends in South Dublin. His life seems like a veritable bed of roses.

Everything goes right in his life, until one evening on a summer’s day he does something that harms the people around him. This sudden change brings an extra adrenaline rush to the film that will hold your attention from the first to the last minute.

4 – A Belfast Story

In a city devastated by war, a series of murders awakens the dormant memory of the population that begins to fear the worst.

In an environment of war and peace, car bombs become less common and terrorists are increasingly out of work. It’s a very interesting production.

5 – Frank

To close our list, we couldn’t help but talk about Frank. In this film John wants to be a musician and join a band led by the mysterious Frank.

The film is one of the most interesting musicals of the last decade and brings scenes of suspense, comedy and romance capable of entertaining your attention from beginning to end.

Now that you know which are the top Irish movies of the last decade, just grab your popcorn and start building your playlist.

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