4 essential apps to download on your exchange

Technology has made the exchange student’s life much easier. There are many apps that will help you get around Ireland in the very first days of your trip.

The options range from apps that help you to translate languages, to finding buses that take you to all parts of the city.


Then read this post and find out which are the 4 essential apps you need to download on your mobile phone as soon as you arrive in Dublin.

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1 – Google Translator

The main difficulty you will face as soon as you arrive in Ireland is with the language. Therefore, Google Translator can be a great ally.

It has a resource in which you can record what your interlocutor is saying and translate it in real time. Therefore, it is a kind of interpreter that you carry in your pocket.

In the first days in Dublin, when the difficulty of understanding the language is greater, this is an application that will help you a lot to get around in the country.

2 – Just Eat

Another app you need to download is Just Eat. It’s a perfect alternative for those who want to order food at home.

You just need to put the postcode of the place you’re staying and the app shows a very complete line of restaurants that deliver food near your location.

At the very beginning that you won’t be so familiar with the country, this is a good option to find affordable food alternatives.

3 – Google maps

Another fantastic app that really helps you get around Ireland is Google Maps. In fact, the app is so good that it is used everywhere in the world, not only in Ireland.

With it you will have a guide to get around the city. You will find the best routes and avoid taking the wrong buses, generating more costs for you.

Therefore, this is an essential app to explore the city, know the most varied sights and not get lost in Dublin.

4 – Dublinbus

Finally, our last tip is Dublinbus. For those who will take many buses in the city, it helps a lot. The app has all the bus lines and bus stops in Dublin.

You will know the arrival time of the bus in real time, you can search by bus stop number, save the stops you use the most, and even see a map showing the stops along your route.

Overall, this is an app you’ll use a lot when you first arrive. With time you’ll be more familiar with it and won’t need it as much.

Now that you know which are the key apps to use when you arrive in Ireland, download them to your phone.

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