4 Christmas markets operating from November in Ireland

Christmas is a magical time in every corner of the world. And in Ireland it gets a special touch with the running of the traditional Christmas markets.

They begin to operate from November throughout the country, and bring together artists, creators of handicrafts and unique items to give as gifts to those you love.

It’s nice that there are artistic and musical performances with Christmas themes, making this time of year much happier and special. In this article we separated 4 Christmas markets that happen in the main cities of the country. Check them out!

1 – Christmas Market Dublin Castle

Dublin Castle is one of the postcards of the Irish capital and it has its own Christmas Market. It’s really cool and fun.

The outside area, right in the middle of the castle, is open with lots of stalls, musical performances and Christmas activities for anyone to enjoy.

One of the icons of the event is the famous merry-go-round, which stopped being there a few years ago. But it is rumoured to be back this year.

The joy is contagious despite the freezing weather at this time of year. And tickets are distributed for free starting November 11.

2 – Finglas Christmas Market

If you are looking for a Christmas present, a good place to find one is at the Finglas Christmas Market. There you will find many local handicrafts and small businesses offering unique gifts.

One of the shopkeepers that is present every year is Lua Scents of Nature, a well-known brand of 100% natural cosmetics. The event takes place at Swords Castle on 26 and 27 November and 3 and 4 December and has free admission.

3 – Dun Laoghaire Christmas Market

Another famous Christmas market is the Dun Laoghaire Christmas Market. It has stalls scattered along the harbour waterfront.

There you will find many options of gifts, Christmas pine trees and German style sausage stalls. It is really worth visiting the place. The market takes place on the 26th of November and the 23rd of December, and the fun is guaranteed.

4 – Glow Cork

Cork is a city 200 km away from Dublin and it also lights up at Christmas. Glow Cork is a Christmas event that takes place on Grand Parade Avenue and Bishop Lucey Park.

It has a famous Ferris wheel, as well as dozens of stalls scattered around with a wide range of products. Glow Cork takes place on 22nd November 2022 and 8th January 2023.

Now that you know the main Christmas markets that take place in Ireland, all you can do is enjoy this magical time of the year.


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