3 reasons to go on an exchange in Dublin

Want to go on an exchange? Dublin, Ireland’s capital, is one of the most popular destinations for foreigners. And there are plenty of reasons for you to come here.

Just to name a few examples, we can talk about the receptivity of the people, the low cost when compared to other destinations and even the ease of getting a job.

Besides, this is an excellent alternative to improve your English, make new friends and get to know a totally different culture. Below are 3 reasons for you to do an exchange course in Dublin. Check them out!

1 – Work while you study

One of the biggest reasons for you to do an exchange course in Dublin is that you can work and study at the same time. After all, the Stamp 2 visa allows you to work part-time.

During the official holiday months in the country, you can also work full time. And with the salary that you receive you can reduce a lot of the costs in the city.

Among the most common jobs for students are jobs as waiters, receptionists, bartenders and even minders. The amount you will earn per hour of work varies according to the job you get, as well as the amount of hours you work.

2 – Great cultural richness

Another good reason to go on an exchange to Dublin is the cultural richness of the city. There you will find people from the four corners of the world.

Besides that, you will know a little more about the culture of the Vikings who founded the city more than a thousand years ago. And just to give you an idea, it is among the oldest cities in Europe, even being part of the Roman Empire.

Dublin is also home to the Guinness factory, the country’s most traditional beer. When you walk around the iconic Temple Bar pubs you can taste this delicious beer.

Furthermore, the city also boasts Dublin Castle, Trinity College, Phoenix Park, Grafton Street and several other simply sensational places.

3 – Quality of life and safety

Another excellent reason to live in Dublin is the quality of life and safety that the city offers. This way, you can walk with peace of mind through the streets and do various activities on foot or by bicycle.

According to the Global Peace Index published in 2019, Ireland was among the 15 safest countries in the world, being the sixth in the European continent.

In this index murder rates, number of incarcerated, military spending in relation to GDP, political imbalance, participation in wars and other factors are analysed.

See how there are plenty of reasons to live in Dublin? And if you are looking for a place to stay in the city, don’t forget to visit Leevin Hostel, we have the best accommodation.

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